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Accomplish more & Maintain less

The NPR classic show Car Talk has been legendary on the Saturday morning airwaves for decades. With a thriving online community and top automotive writers, Car Talk has extended their reach from the airwaves to screens large and small.

Car Talk's story is not uncommon. Limited resources trying to keep up with the demands of technology. Among the low hanging fruit, I identified the opportunity to move to a responsive website design and drop the overhead maintenance of a dedicated mobile site.

Another shift I led the team toward was moving away from the concept of attaining the "perfect" design in design rounds of PDFs and moving to designing in browser. This approach accomplished the ability to have a staging server where the client could view progress on their devices and also simultaneously moving one step closer to having a deployable product.

Website improvements are often tied to funding. Rather than roll their own CSS framework I also suggested using Bootstrap, a well documented and maintained project.

Adhering to agile principles and brutal feature management I was able to guide the team to launching the newly responsive website in a matter of months for half the cost of other proposals.

Aside from serving more users with less overhead of a separate site, future improvements and maintenance are much easier to approach, estimate and prototype.

Before and after example of Car Talk website redesign.
Before and after example of Car Talk website redesign.